Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was spending time with friends and family for Christmas.  We headed to Sarah's right after Alyssa's basketball games and made it around 8:00'ish.  Later than we wanted.  It's a two hour drive there and we loose an hour because she's on fast time and we are on slow time.  We opened gifts and one of her gifts was a bottle of Elk Creek Concord Grape wine.  It's one of those, this is for you/me gifts.  I made her pop the top almost immediately.  After the bottle here's how we looked!!

We really <3 each other....she the best bff ever!!

This is her other personality kicking in and mean muggin' me!!

She's back to good ole' Sarah and loving me again!!!

The time flew by but we had a blast.  The alarm went off to early Sunday morning, after about 5 hours of sleep.  We all got up showered, put on our PJ's (I know, it was a PJ xmas breakfast and I couldn't wear the ones I had worn all night) and headed to my dad's.
Alyssa with her Monkey hat.

Kayla with that beautiful bow on her head.  By the time we left she had about 4 up there.

My sis Wendy, with the Monkey hat on.  Dad probably should have bought her one!!

Granny teaching me how to crochet.....scarf here I come!

Dad and his wife Linda with door mat we got them......They LOVE horses. 

Me and Tom.  I swear I did brush my hair......not sure what happened!

Once we got done at our Dad's we all headed over to my brother's to do Christmas with my mom.  I can't believe out of the pictures we took I never got one with my mom!  How does that happen.  I must be a horrible daughter!!  Wendy got me the best gift I could have received, this racing photo.

First time I've ever cried when someone gave me a gift!  I love my sister so much!!  It may be hard to read so here's what it says: "The finish line is just the beginning to a whole new race"

Me, my brothers and sister.

We had a wonderful weekend with everyone!

Do any of you do PJ Xmas, dress up, or just go casual?
What are your Xmas plans?


  1. I want to do pajama Christmas!!! It looks like you had a great weekend!!! We do Christmas Eve in RI with my family...drive back to the Cape...then drive north of Boston the next day for Christmas with my hubby's family. One day I want to stay put and have everyone come to me! I LOVE the gift your sister gave you! So sweet!!!

  2. That was very sweet of your sister to give you that gift! It looks like you had a lot of Christmas fun this weekend!

  3. Absolutely LOVE that picture. What a sweet gift! So glad you had an awesome weekend. :)

  4. FUN! Love that picture!

    We are leaving for Florida Friday. We are driving so we get to bring all the toys, kayaks, bikes, dog, etc. Hoping to do at least one open water swim too.

    Merry Christmas Christie!!

  5. I love the monkey hat! I need one too :) Merry Christmas!

  6. What a great gift from your sister. Love that quote! Merry Christmas!

  7. I love that gift!! I would have cried too!

    Don't worry about your hair. I refer to myself as the Lion King sometimes because I'm not able to tame my mane. :) Wayyy out of control.


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