Friday, December 23, 2011

What do you do with treats you want to eat??

What do you do with the Christmas treats you want to eat??  I was up yesterday morning early and decided to bake some Christmas treats.  I baked peanut butter cookies and put some with sprinkles and others with M&M's on them.  I also baked DOUBLE chocolate cookies and fudgy brownies.  With the kiddos are their dads until tomorrow and it just being me and Tom around I knew I had to get these treats outta my site.  We decided to wrap them up and deliver them to some businesses around town that have to put up with us all the time! :) 

Sorry for the blurry pictures I took these with my phone!

We had four plates full of treats and delivered one to the Bank, I'm in there about every week and they are such sweet people to deal with.  We delivered one to the Hair Salon, they do both me and Tom's hair there and they are also really sweet people.  We delivered one to the Feed Mill where we get our cow and animal feed.  We are not in there as much and don't deal with them that often but they always are here on time delivering our feed when we need it.  The last one we delivered to the hardware store here in town.  Unfortunate we have spent WAY to much money there because of our numerous projects over this past year but they also have always been so helpful and sweet to deal with. 

It felt really good to give these people a nice and delicious surprise right here at Christmas time.  I am definitely going to keep doing this each year.  I would love for my kids to be with me and maybe deliver some to the nursing home here in town. 

Do you play Santa for anyone??


  1. I give a bunch of people cookies (unfortunately I think some of them are stale, I baked too early :(*still learning) I love that you made them all plates. you're so thoughtful!

    I was going to answer your post title question....I eat them ;) I'm so bad but I figure HEY I'll just gain some weight and then burn it off in Jan. Why not indulge? I'm such a horrible role model.

  2. I do eat some of them, but then others we try to bring to work or give to other to eat. I also try to not make too many things, but we'll see how that goes!

  3. My little guy and I made four different kinds of cookies and packaged up most of them. We delivered nine boxes of cookies to friends and family, and Ramsey got such a kick out of sharing cookies. :)


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