Thursday, December 15, 2011

When will it end??

The withdrawals from caffeine symptoms are still hanging around.  I haven't had the killer headache but just haven't really been myself.  Hopefully this will end, and end soon!!

Usually when I don't post during the week, it's probably because I'm slacking....but not this time.  I did work out yesterday and I will tell you what I did just to PROVE IT!! :)  I did that killer weight training workout, both Upper and Lower body:

Upper Body X3
A-Dumbbell incline press - 20lbs x 10 (still can't get that dang parallel dip but when I get strong enough, you all will be the first to know!)
B-Seated cable row - 70lbs x 12
C-Hyperextension - 15
D-Arnold Press - 20lbs x 10
E-Barbell curl - 20lbs x 10
F-Triceps Pushdown - 40lbs x 10
G-Medicine ball crunch - 10lb x 25

Lower Body X3
A-Front loaded squat- 20lbs x 10
B-Leg extension - 60lbs x 10
C-Step Lunge - 15 each leg
D-Lying hamstring curl - 50lbs x 10
E-Lying bridge - 25
F-Seated calf raise - 55lbs x 12
G-Hanging leg raise - 10

I feel like I'm getting a little bit stronger and have been able to increase my weights on some things.  I still can tell that my upper body is still really weak and it is usually the one I struggle with (faces and all).  Have you all watched yourself in the mirror while your lifting weights and struggling?  My faces I make is something to laugh about.  I could probably do a whole post on those ugly looking faces but I'm not wanting to embarrass myself again! 

Today I took the day off and FINISHED up the X-mas shopping!!  Yay for being done, and double Yay for them almost all being wrapped!!  Tomorrow I will hit the gym again and do the weight training and hopefully get some cardio in there to. 


  1. Yes, yay for being done with Christmas shopping and getting stronger!! I do think you should do a post on your gym faces. That would be great!!!

  2. Kick that caffeine! Good for you!

    It sounds like your workouts are going great. :)

  3. That would be hilarious if you would do a post on nothing put pics of your face while you're lifting weights. My face gets all red and flushed!! It's pretty funny. Towards then end I make sad faces :)


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