Tuesday, January 24, 2012

60 day progress pics

So here's what I promised you all yesterday!!  I didn't do these pictures, weight-in, or measurements Friday (which was the 60th day), I didn't have time so I recently done these.  Although, I'm no pleased with the results, I know why I didn't see better results.  I ate horrible, I was stressing about things, and chocolate kept jumping in my mouth (how dare it). 

Here are my measurements:

Measurements 11/23/11 12/21/11 01/24/12
Weight 126.4 124.8 127.4
Hips 36 ½ 35 ¾ 35
Chest 36 35 35 ½
Calf (flexed) 13 ¼ 13 ½ 13 ½
Biceps (flexed) 11 11 ¼ 11 ¼
Thigh 21 22 21 ½
Waist (at belly button) 29 ½ 28 ½ 28

My weight is up 1 pound from when I started, up 2.6 pounds from last progress measurements.  My belly is down 1/2 inch from last measurement but that was kinda pushing it.  It really may have only been down 1/4 inch.  Kinda between the two so I went with the lower # naturally! :) 

Here are my progress pics (sorry for blurry pictures, my camera is not working right so these are from my cell phone):

I've committed to another 30 days of the weight training program.  I'm hoping to have better eating habits this month and see more results!

My gym finally starting having spin classes!!  WHOOT, WHOOT!!  I was so freakin' stoked to try it out.  Last night was the first night.  It was an awesome class, awesome instructor, and a killer workout!  I will definitely be doing this class on a regular basis.  Right now they only offer it Monday nights @ 5:30 and Wednesday mornings @ 5.  That early does not really work for me but I am meeting a friend there tomorrow morning but it will not be each Wednesday.  The owner said if attendance is up, he will add more classes.  He has 15 bikes and for the 1st class their was about 10 of us that showed up!  Crossing my fingers for more class times. 


  1. I think you look marvelous!!! I would love to look like that in a bikini!! I also love spin class! I can remember when I took it at my old gym I would have to reserve a bike online the day of!

  2. Again, you keep looking more and more awesome!

  3. Spin is great but I do recommend getting a gel seat cover :)

  4. i wish i looked like that....

  5. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.......is it just me or do you have the most sought after body type?????? perfect hourglass girl! you LOOK amazing. and you shouldn't be trying to lose weight at all. AT ALL!

  6. You look amazing!

    You should get used to the saddle. You may want to get some Hoo Ha Ride Glide. So fun to say! http://www.reflectsports.com/ It will help on the longer rides.

  7. i think you look great girl!!! and unfortunately that darn chocolate jumps in my mouth too. :(

  8. You really do look fantastic. I laughed so hard are the spin class pic. I was thinking about trying spin for my new exercise for the month.

  9. You look great! My stomach is a mess from having three kids! Be thankful!

    I can't quit laughing at that picture about the sore cooter. OH MY GOSH! I keep giggling each time I think about it!! So true!

    Chocolate has powers. Evil. Yet, delicious.

  10. You are looking fabulous, Miss Thang! ;)

    We have spin class at our YMCA and I hear it fills up VERY fast. I haven't been brave enough to go yet. So far I just still with my old lady water aerobics. If I had someone to go with me though, I think I'd be brave enough to give it a "spin". <- that was so corny.

  11. You look great! I can see a big difference from your last pics... just tighter all over. And LMAO at the spin class pic!!

  12. You look great! You may have gained weight, but you are doing strength training so a lot of that is probably muscle!

    I love my indoor cycling class, similar to spinning, so that's great you finally got to go to a class!


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