Friday, January 13, 2012

It's finally Friday!

Before I get into the reason for my post (which really is just to ramble) is anyone else having issues with Blogger??  I go to someones post and get the WHITE screen of death.  It shows their post for a brief second and then the white screen appears and does nothing else?  I've rebooted, tried just typing in their website instead of using the link, nothing has helped.  This has been since yesterday.  So if your blog has a zillion hits more then normal, it's just cause of me.  I keep trying and am not having any luck.  I'm trying to stalk you all but blogger is not wanting to work with me here.  I'm going to start having withdrawals.....

It's finally Friday, and just like last Friday, I don't have any new dishes, or desserts that I made this week to share with you.  I know, how horrible of me?  This week consisted of work, basketball, more basketball, and even more basketball so the idea of having time to make a lovely dish, was out.  Sorry guys!!  But look what our back yard looks like this morning:

Sorry for the blurry phone pic, I was freezing!

Yep, we FINALLY got some snow last night.  I actually love the snow, love playing in it, love watching it, and even loved sliding in my car up the hill at the gym this morning in it.  Seriously, I am so dedicated right now.  I got out this morning when I could of stayed snuggled in bed because school is out, but I decided to hit the gym.  It took 3 times in the car trying to make it up the hill then I finally figured out I could go around the back way, it's gravel, and my car would make it with no problem. I'M GENIUS! 

I did the usual Killer Workout of Upper and Lower body weight training.  This was my 4th weight training this week! SCORE!!!  Plus I've have increased my cardio.  Next Friday is the conference and my 60day progress picture post.  I'm nervous about that.  I feel like last time, I don't really feel much results, so hoping the scale, and measuring tape doesn't let me down.  I had another gym buddy today.  Bailey joined me again.  She's trying to tone, and get in shape for Miss KY Outstanding Teen which is being held in June.  She's already a beautiful young lady so hopefully she will reach her goal she has set for herself!  Plus having a gym buddy to chat with is always a win. 

I also added a Twitter link on my page, come follow me on Twitter.  Pretty Please!!??!!  :)  I don't really do much on there yet but am hoping to learn a little more and use it often. 

This weekend consists of more basketball games, no kids, and hopefully relaxing and taking it easy.  Ohhhh, and it's a long weekend! 


  1. Yay for long weekends! So funny about the trying to get up the hill to the gym. Haha I was laughing out loud because that would happen to me too!

    I wish I had a workout buddy. :(

    Have a great weekend!

  2. We might finally get some snow this weekend too! So pretty. Way to go sticking with your workout routine, I am sure your hard work will pay off next Friday :) I haven't had any trouble with blogger- I hope it starts working for you soon!

  3. I haven't noticed any issues with Blogger in regard to other blogs, but I do sometimes have issues with it with my own blog. Frustrating!

    It finally snowed here too, I'm not really happy about it!

  4. I haven't had any problems with Blogger. But I have very often problems with Blogger profile and "Google Friend Connect". We got also finally some snow. It is fun to run outside in the fresh air and everything is white.


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