Monday, January 9, 2012

Motivational Monday

My Motivational Monday is going to be short and sweet for me!  I have until next Friday to fit into one of these 2 dresses!  YIKES!!!  I can get in to both of them, but probably wouldn't be able to eat or drink anything while in them.  So that's definitely a problem.  Plus, I'm totally uncomfortable and that's not what I want.  I want to be comfortable with what I got on AND how I look!

The scale shows I'm up 4lbs since my 30day progress weigh-in.  Double YIKES!!  I have decided to do NO protein shakes.  I wasn't doing them as a meal supplement, just in additional to what ever I ate after I worked out.  I also am going to up my cardio.  I haven't been doing much since starting the weight training and I definitely need to do that.  I did meet my new friend last night at the gym and we did 3.5 miles on the treadmill and talked the whole time.  It was much easier, and the time flew by having someone to chat with.  I also am going to TRY and cut back on the sweets.  It's sooo hard for me but I don't want to be worrying about this dress splitting while I am at the Zija conference listening to Coach Calipari speak. 

Any tips you all can give me to drop a quick 5-10 pounds before next Friday???  Crazy I know!


  1. Wear the one on the right!! You'll look SMOKIN'! I sometimes wish I had someone to run with while I run on the treadmill because time drags on so much...even when I'm reading, watching tv, AND listening to music! Dang treadmill. However, it has been unseasonably nice outside so I have the option of running outside.

    *Right now it should be about -20 outside and instead it is 39! It feels like summer! ;)

    You'll definitely fit into one of those dresses by next Friday, I have no doubt! Have a great week! :)

  2. You're building muscle, so can you focus more on inches and looks thanon the scale for now? It's normal to see some gain when you start a new lifting routine. Think twice about cutting the protein shakes because your body needs that protein right after lifting. Cut sweets, and keep doing what you're doing. I can't wait to see how fabulous you look in either of those dresses!

  3. Love the dresses! I wish I could tell you some sort of secret to help you out but I got nothing :(

  4. I bet you'll look uber sexy!! ;)

    The only thing I can offer and you probably already know being a runner....HYDRATE! Drinking lots of water now will help you release any water you are holding onto so you won't feel bloated. It takes a couple days to feel the difference but try to take in 4-6 liters of water (if you aren't already). Bonus: it also helps keep hunger at bay to a degree.

  5. who cares about the SCALE - use a tape measure. my weight goes up all the time but it's when my inches go up I know it's from fat. :)

    and I agree /w the above poster water is your best friend! you'll pee a lot but it sheds pounds like nothing else.

    also I LOVE both dresses!!!!!!

  6. Do a nice 8 - 10 mile run the day before that race and you'll slip into those babies just fine :)

  7. you get to listen to coach cal speak? i'm jealous! good luck i'm sure you'll look great!

  8. You got this girl! I'm sure you can drop the weight--and I also agree with the girls above. Make sure you drink lots of water! Hydration is key! Also, try HIIT during cardio to up your metabolism! You're gonna look great in either dress!

    Good luck, though you definitely don't need it :)


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