Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My goals for 2012!!

I told you all I would post about my 2012 Goals and I expect you all to hold me accountable for these!! So here they are:

Fitness Goals:
I have set a few fitness goals for myself. I'm hoping to obtain all of these because it can only help me!!
  • Continue with my weight training – I absolutely love doing this killer workout that I have been doing now for....lets see, today is the 44th day. It is holding me accountable and I am sticking with it. I feel myself getting stronger and hoping that my body will start looking like I've ALWAYS dreamed of it looking. I am going to have to work on my eating in order for it to work. With the holidays I have been even worse then my normal self with eating habits, snacking, and grabbing junk instead of something healthy.
  • Register & Finish at least 1 race per month from March – October. The other months are just to cold outside for me. Possible virtual races those other months so I can do it indoors on the Dreadmill. Okay, so as I'm typing I'm changing this and I will do a race each month and virtual ones will count.
  • Complete the Olympic Tri that I am training and registered for in July. I'm not expecting to do great, not even in the top, I will be happy with a healthy finish line crossing.
  • To PR in a 5K, 10K, & 10 miler this year. Here are my current PR's so you know, 5K -26:32 (Thanks Coy!) 12/10/11, 10K – 59:16 03/12/11, 10miler – 1:38:10 03/26/11.
  • To run 600 miles for the year. This is a big jump for me from last year. Last year I only ran 346 miles but 2 of those months I ran under double digits and I had 1 month with 0 miles ran.

Financial Goals:
My only financial goal I have set for myself this year is to get my car paid off early. If I can get this done, it will be paid off a year earlier then expected.

Personal Goals:
I'm so confused and torn with this one. I'm not sure what I'm wanting to do but I do know I want to do at least one of these 3 goals below. I will consider this personal goal a success if I go for 1 and complete it.
  • Get my personal training certificate.
  • Go back to college and get a degree.
  • Volunteer or work in the community part-time and continue to service and keep my current insurance customers. I have to continue to do that or my financial goal would be gone!!

Relationship Goals:
I wanted to set some relationship goals for 2012. I set a goal for both my romantic and social relationships.
  • I want to continue to remind myself daily how much I appreciate and value my relationship with Tom. I will continue to not take our relationship and the things that we do for each other for granted. I think that this is number one in making a relationship work.
  • I want to make more friends and always be there for my friends I have now. Friendships are special and a true friend can never be replaced.

Okay, so there they are.....these are going to be my goals that I am striving to reach and meet this year!!

What kind of goals are you setting this year?


  1. Talk about positive thinking!! This all sounds really doable and achievable and happy!

    I'll switch bodies with you!! You're looking great these days girl! I hope to be able to do that tri with you in July too! :)

  2. These are really well-rounded goals :) I love it!

  3. Love the SMART goals! They all sound like solid & achievable goals.

    Join Team TC with me! It will help you with your relationship goal :-)

    Also, any interest in doing Atlanta Iron Girl on May 20th? I am already registered & may have to walk the run but I am definitely doing it! This will be my 3rd year doing it. I am going down with a friend that did it with me last year. I just mentioned it to Coy too.

  4. AWESOME goals! I haven't exactly set any for myself this year. I'm just hoping to have a better 2012 because 2011 was awful!

  5. Nice goals! I know you can achieve all of them!

    I'm also going to pay off my car a little less than a year early. It will feel nice when it is finally paid off in two or three months.

  6. Here's to a wonderful 2012! Those are all awesome goals. I'm gonna write a blog on my goals too.

    But, my goals are to set personal records in my races as well and get back to my pre baby marathon race times.

    I know you can accomplish all of them! As we say in Hawaii, "Just charge em!"

  7. great goals post! i like how the triple crown works up in distance then you've got the half right after.


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