Thursday, January 5, 2012

Race schedule for 2012

With my goals set for 2012 I spent part of the day working and the other part of the day searching the Internet for races to register for in 2012 to meet my “run a race each month” goal. Here is what I have came up with so far:

  • 01/28/12 – Freeze your thorns off 5K Virtual Race - Registered
  • 02/5-11/12 – Virtual 5K Race - Registered
  • 03/03/12 - Anthem 5K (1st race of the Triple Crown), Louisville KY – Registered
  • 03/17/12 – Rodes City 10K (2nd race of the Triple Crown), Louisville KY – Registered
  • 03/31/12 – Papa John's 10Miler (final race of the Triple Crown), Louisville KY – Registered
  • 04/28/12 – Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon, Louisville KY – Not registered yet
  • 05/05/12 – Cinco De Mayo 5K & Tin Roof Block Party, Nashville TN– Not registered yet
  • 06/03/12 – Wild Rose Women's Tri, Oakridge TN – not registered and not sure if I will be ready
  • 07/15/12 – Buckheads on the Border Tri Challenge, Olympic distance, Louisville KY – Registered
  • 08/25/12 – Rugged Maniac 5K, Paoli IN – Not registered yet
  • Not sure about September
  • 10/15/12 – Halloween in the Gulch, Nashville TN – Not registered yet
  • November would be a virtual race or possible a Thanksgiving Day race
  • December would also be a virtual race or the Reindeer Ramble again with Andrea and Coy

So these are some of the races I'm registered for and am thinking about participating in. It may have to be switched up some. I also am wanting to run in a race with Ali, another blogger friend sometime. 

Another step towards reaching my 2012 goals. Now I just need to get on the treadmill and get some miles in!


  1. Wow, March is going to be busy! Looks like a lot of fun :)

  2. Wow! That's incredible! You go girl! I wish I liked to run. I just... don't. :)

  3. Hey! That's me! Let's figure it out soooon! :) Your race schedule is looking awesome! :)

  4. Looks great! And hey maybe I will actually be running again by December!

  5. I LOVE your March schedule. My husband would love to do those races, we always try to go to Saratoga Race Track in the summer so something like that he would love.

    Sounds like a busy, but fun schedule!

  6. That's shaping up quite nicely! I'm jealous. I'm now just wanting to stop being sick so I can stare at some calendars and pick out races and fill up my year!


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