Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Tuesday??

Today is Random Tuesday, right?? If not, I'm making it my random Tuesday.

I told you all what has been motivating me lately here. Here's the low down on what I've been doing to get into one of those dressed next Friday night. Hopefully it will be the one on the right. <3 it!

Let me go back a little bit.....


for the last 50 days my workouts have consisted on basically just weight training, the weight training program here, that I started on Nov 22nd. I have done just minimal cardio since starting it. Looking at my trusty lil notebook and dailymile (if your not my friend on dailymile what are you waiting for?) I did one run, 3.2 miles, the Reindeer Ramble with Coy, and Andrea cheered us on. One elliptical workout that was only 1 mile (each mile counts). 2 bike workout's, each 10 miles. 1 swim workout that was 40 minutes. So a total of 5 cardio workout's in 50 days, HORRIBLE! Well not quite 50 days cause this past Friday I logged 4.5 miles on the treadmill. Sunday I meet up with a new buddy at the gym and we did 3.5 miles on the treadmill, yesterday I logged a quick 1 mile on the elliptical, and today I logged 4.0 miles on the elliptical. These workouts were in addition to my weight training.

With this cardio being added, and my weight training still continuing, I'm hoping I look SMOKIN' HOT by next Friday night!! Miracles can happen can't they?

Picture time....(haha, I just thought of Hammer Time. WOW! That's bringing back old school)

Me after the gym this morning. I even ran a few errands before getting home and taking this. Sweet, Sweaty mess!! Love it.

When running those few errands, which were the PO to check my business mail, the gas station cause my gas light was on, and to pick up Tom's dry cleaning, I kept staring and wishing for this. Sonic had a sign that was calling my name, their pumpkin pie shakes are now just .99cents. I posted here how much I LOVED this shake. I looked at this sign each time I drove past but didn't stop in. They are trying to mess my plans on getting in this dress up. I may need to complain.

Speaking of complainting, read what this, obviously, crazy women wrote to Oxygen magazine and said.  Really??? 85lbs and your pissed???  Some people......They put that in their Feb issue, I wouldn't have given her the satisfaction unless I stuck her picture next to it so she'd be embarassed!!  :)

Then I decided to put my super HOT heels on that I will be wearing next Friday just to see how my calves will look in them. I'm now doing 65lbs when I'm doing my seated calf raises!! Hopefully it will pay off.

Another picture of my shoes. I got them at a freakin' deal to. Bought them at the Zappos outlet, price marked $24.00, but at the outlet everything is 50% off. Yep, I stole those bad boys for $12.00. Ya for bargains.......

Speaking of bargains. I got super deals yesterday at Walgreens thanks to my sister teaching my how to coupon. I <3 her......I will post on that tomorrow and you definitely want to check it out. I got $34.30 worth of items for just $6.84!!! STEAL.

Hope you all have a great day. My plans are to work, clean, blog, hit the gym (again) with my daughters friend, and then go to ball game!!!

Do sign's tempt you like they do me??

What makes you feel super HOT when going out for the night??


  1. I get tempted/distracted by anything. Marketing wwas designed for people like me :P I love those shoes and GIRL YOU ARE SO HOT!!!!!!! you always talk like you're huge. love your body and wish I had that sweet hour glass figure ;)

  2. I think I just sprained my ankle looking at those shoes! :-)

  3. I would DIE if I wore those heels! I am not a heel person, I wore converse on my wedding day.

    Great job on your workouts and adding cardio back in should help you with your weight loss. You have been working really hard!

  4. I LOVE wearing heels when I go out! That high though...I don't think I could do it. You are doing so awesome and I'm so proud of how well you stick to your diet/exercise! You know if it were me...I definitely would have driven and gotten that shake TWICE! Dairy Queen will be the death of me.

  5. Teach me your couponing ways!! I love those shoes what a steal!

  6. love your shoes!!! they're going to be great with your dress!

  7. Okay, I love those shoes. I don't think I could walk in them, but I love them. Good luck getting into the dresses!!

  8. Ohmigosh those shoes are HOT!!! (Like you!) You're going to look amazing. Oh, and wow on the letter to Oxygen... was she serious??

  9. I would DIE if I tried to walk in those, but they are super hot! :)

  10. Oh... my... those heels are HOT! Feeling super hot for me is my hair And nails are done- which has been a rarity lately. And a cute outfit that I had been eyeing for awhile and I tried it on and OMG it fits...whew. Can't wait for that to happen, again:) Have fun!

  11. 85 lbs in 9 months and she's mad??? At first I thought maybe she was being sarcastic until I saw her complaint about the loose skin. Well, she can burn her Oxygen and books, do nothing and gain it all back. I wonder how she'll like that.
    Love the heels and I have no doubt that you'll look smokin hot by next Friday night, because you are already there!


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