Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Recap of the weekend

I'm just getting around to posting about our weekend in Louisville, time is flying by!!

We heading out Friday to attend the Zija Conference in Louisville. Friday night was “dress” night and speaker John Calipari. Sorry about the photos guys, my camera is not working....I've got to get that thing looked at. It's to expensive to be broken already!

I decided to go with this dress:

I didn't take a picture of our meal but we had salad, lasagna, veggies, and bread. It was alright, nothing great.

We all were interested in this ladies choice of a dress! It was interesting to say the least. Saturday, it looked like she wore a matching one, but just cream colored, hat at all.

We listened to Coach Cal speak. He done a great job, motivating speaking, and kept me interested which is saying a lot.

Wrapping up the night they recognized all ranks of distributors. My man got to get up on stage. He's a natural at that kind of thing! He takes it all in, ALL IN!

After the meeting wrapped up it was after 11 so we decided to slip in our jeans and head to Champions bar and restaurant that was attached to the Marriott where we stayed. We ate, drank (I only drank water), and socialized till after 1am.

Saturday morning our wake-up call was at 6:45. Early morning for such a late night. We were ready to go and headed back to another day of meetings. I just realized I didn't take a picture of my Saturday outfit. I worn white skinny jeans, a green colored top, and nude heels. Saturdays speaker was John Maxwell. He was a interesting speaker also. Again, very motivating and made you think about things in your life. I ended up leaving after lunch and headed to my sisters but Tom stayed for the duration of the meeting which ended @ 4:30.

Saturday night was a BLAST!! We started off with dinner at BoomBozz Pizza and Taphouse. It was delicious. I started with Cheese Bites (I did share), and ended with a individual pizza (I didn't share) with Italian Sausage and Pepperonis!! YUMMY!!

Then we all loaded up and headed to the Comedy Caravan to watch Etta May's and Ray Price show!!  Ray Price opened up and was to funny.  Etta May, she was freakin' hilarious!!!  I laughed the entire time, I probably burnt off one of the Cheese Bites laughing! 

Overall it was a great weekend! 

This morning I got up bright and early and hit spin class at the gym.  It was another good workout.  I'm really liking it and I hope that they add more than these do classes per week.  It was another decent turn out this morning, we had 9 people there.  I thought that was pretty good for the 2nd class, and being at 5am. 

Do you like going to Comedy Shows??
Do you like dressing up and going out??


  1. look smokin' hot in that dress!!

    Yes, I like comedy and dressing up and going out. But I also like staying in and playing board games...maybe I just like being social. :)

  2. OK OK seriously like you are the hottest thing ever :P I am actually starting to hate you with a rage of woman envy!

    and I love comedy!

  3. That sounds so fun and busy! And it made me hungry!! ;)

  4. Oh - and that lady's outfit?? Wow. I'm speechless.

  5. you're hard work paid off, you look hot!! that's awesome that coach cal was the speaker!

  6. you look great in that dress. the other lady, not so much. hahahah

  7. You look fierce in that dress and you look so happy too!


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