Thursday, February 2, 2012

Catching up....

I've got alot of catching up to do.  I really haven't blogged or been able to look at blogs since last Friday!  Crazy, I know.  I have just been extremely busy.  The weekend was spent cleaning, scrubbing, and gagging over my rental property after the tenants moved out.  YIKES!!  It was extremely disgusting.  They didn't "trash" it, but obviously NEVER, EVER cleaned.  Needless to say, I still have some cleaning to do there before it will be ready to put back up for rent.

This week has again been taxes, taxes, and friggin' more taxes!  I got my taxes done, and the business taxes done, hooray.  I now just have a little bit left of farm taxes and Tom's business expenses and we will be set.

Now, to the good stuff, the reason I started this blog to begin with!  I've still been exercising......usually when I slack on blogging it's because I'm slacking in the gym or on the pavement.  Not the case this time!

Here is what I finished with last week:
Sun: 2 miles, lower body workout
Mon: 3 miles, upper body workout, and spin class
Tue: 3.5 miles
Wed: spin class
Thur: 4.5 miles, upper and lower body workout
Fri: upper & lower body workout
Sat: 3.5 miles total.  Did Virtual 5K, finished in 27:22 (not bad!), then cool down for .4 to get my 3.5miles

So total for last week:
16.5 miles
3 Weight training
2 spin classes

My Totals for the month of January were:
50.5 miles (right on track for my yearly goal)
13 weight training workouts (upper and lower body)
3 spin classes
1 water aerobic class

I can't wait to catch up with everyone, post pictures, and stalk your blogs!!  Hope every ones week is great.  It's almost Friday!! :)


  1. I'm impressed with your mileage for January but even more impressed with having your taxes done! ;)

  2. Great job! You did awesome this January.

    That sucks about the renters, it's disgusting when people don't clean!

  3. We are dealing with tenants moving out too. It is such a pain, huh? I think the cleaning should count as a work out too!

  4. You did a great job this month!! Good luck with everything!!

  5. I did my taxes a few days ago and all I can say is thank heavens for my kids. I love claiming them!!

    Some people are so gross!!

  6. Uck Steve & his family were dealing with that last summer. Now his house is for sale so hopefully he won't have to go through that again. No fun!

    Great January stats!

  7. Great week, Christie! Haha, I hope you had a nice time doing taxes.

  8. Nice job on the workouts! I am new to your blog, can't wait to look around!

  9. That's an awesome month!

    Too bad about the rental property cleaning. I rent a house from my grandpa. The people that lived in it before I moved back in, ugh, they trashed it. We decided renting to strangers is just not worth it anymore.


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