Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I tackled these bad boys.....

Not actual boys, although any time I get the chance, I tackle Tom ;) 

Me and a few friends headed down to the Jamestown Marine and tackled these bad boy steps x 11!!  That equals 693 steps!  We did some double steps, and some single steps.  We also did 3 where we went down to the Marine shop and ran from there and then up those steps. WHOA!  It was a great workout, something different than the gym, and a chance to be outside and enjoy the scenarie.

My 90 day strength training is now done.  I will be posting pictures and measurements soon!  Although I'm not thrilled with the progress I know why I'm not thrilled.  I have not changed my eating habits and actually have enjoyed why to many treats, sweets, and chocolate bars. 

Hope everyone enjoyed their President's Day yesterday and I hope you were able to be off.  I have took advantage of it and changed my voicemail to say I'm out of the office until tomorrow. 


  1. Check those stairs out!! My quads would be screaming for mercy! There are tons of them!!

  2. Holy steps batman! Way to go...my legs are burning just thinking about it!

  3. Wow! That's a lot of steps! Great job getting that workout done!

  4. Look at you!!! Great job!! When I played soccer in college I loved running the stairs...my teammates not so much! They hated when I was in charge of the workout!!!

  5. Stair climbing is the hardest!! But you are right, it is nice to change it up and get out of the gym.


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