Monday, February 13, 2012

Motivational Monday

I know I haven't posted for a while, unlike last time I was gone for while because I was so busy and I still was working out.  Last week has been a different story, and one I don't like to think about!  I have been sick, fighting the flu, a virus, I don't know what but I haven't been able to work out like I have wanted to and have been eating basically anything my little heart desires!!

Here's what I ended up doing last week:
4.5 miles
1 spin class
1 1/2 Weight training  (the half is just a upper body workout, not both upper and lower body)
630 steps - this is something new I did last week with my workout buddy Britney.  We ran the steps at the Marine on Lake Cumberland.  It was a nice change and something different to get us out of the gym.  There is 63 steps with each trip and we did it 10 times!!

If this was true, I would probably be a chocolate covered frozen ice cream pizza.  That pretty much sums up how I've been eating lately and I definitely need to eat a skinny person.  A sexy, toned, hot skinny person.  That sounds a little disturbing.....haha

So next Sunday is my 90 day progress pictures.  I hope I am can say that I'm proud.  I hope that I see the results with side by side pictures.  I also hope that I continue to WANT to keep up with the strength training AND back to running also.  I have to say though, although I have been very dedicated to this workout I haven't been dedicated to eating well along with it and we ALL know that we have to do that to see the results we want!!  Sucks a big one, I know.  Sucks a giant one.....

Hope you all have a great Monday!  I'm heading off to take the kiddos to school and hit the gym.  I'm back at it baby!!! 


  1. Love the cartoon! I'm sorry that you have been sick! I'm sure your 90 pictures will make you proud. You had a bad week but you have been working so hard! You'll get there!

  2. I hope you are feeling better! Sometimes you just need a break, no need to beat yourself up about it! The important thing is that you are back at it!

  3. I've been eating like crap too. I suck lately. drinking on the weekend definitely didn't help. I'm officially too old to party ;) and I hope you feel better girl. I actually thought my google reader had lost you b/c I never saw a post ;) glad you're back!

  4. sorry you've been sick, it's like we've all passed it around! can't wait to see your 90 day pics, i know they'll be so awesome!

  5. I hope you feel better! Good luck getting back into the swing of things!

  6. Welcome back!! I know, like I'm one to talk! Sorry you have been sick :( I hope you are feeling better!!

  7. You're so funny. I'd tell you to eat me, but then you'd end up a pale short girl with a tummy. So yeah, don't eat me! ;)


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