Monday, March 12, 2012

Motivational Monday

Sometimes our motivation comes from things we never expected, things that push us to do, feel, and strive to look our best.  My motivation is coming from these things......

A (not saying the one, although I love this simple look) wedding dress I will have to look beautiful in for my soon to be husband.....

A beautiful reception party that I am sooo looking forward to with friends and family.....

A beautiful scenic honeymoon that we will always remember....

No matter where your motivation comes from, find something, someone, that motivates you and pushing you to be your best!!

I also wanted to say a few pictures with you of the damage our farm took from the EF2 tornado that came through here Feb 29th. 

We are truly blessed that our home, and none of us where hurt.  We had a calf barn that is completely gone, and alot of debris to clean up.  So much more easier then what we could be going through!! 
Here's to a good week!! 


  1. I remember when I was getting married...that dress was a HUGE motivator! That and the pictures!!! Again so happy you all are ok!!

  2. Glad you are all okay...that is just too scary. Hope the damage is not too severe and you are able to get things back together soon!

  3. Look at all that stuff blown around! So glad your house didn't end up in a big heap!! I feel so awful for people who lose everything. It's just unimaginable!

    You're getting married! I'm so excited for you!!! You're gonna look so beautiful in whichever dress you pick out! Have you guys decided on a spot to honeymoon??

  4. Congrats on the upcoming wedding! I'm happy you all are okay. We know all too well about tornadoes in Tuscaloosa. I wish that on no one. I'm honestly thrilled you're okay though.

  5. I'm glad that you are all safe!

    Wedding planning was fun (but stressful!) and that wedding dress reminds me of my dress a little bit (I definitely went the simple route). Have fun planning, I've been enjoying seeing some of your ideas on Pinterest!

  6. wow - lots of destruction by the tornado

  7. Wow I am so sorry for all the destruction and the loss of your calf barn! That is so horrible! Sounds like you are still keeping your head up and looking at the positives in your life, like the wedding :) Congrats again! Can't wait to hear all about the planning along the way!

  8. On my goodness. I am so glad your family is safe!! How scary!

    Congrats on the engagement and your ring is beautiful!!!

  9. Okay that is scary! I lived through 3 hurricanes and was never fearful for my life. I just hoped my car would come out of them okay, which it did. But tornadoes? Those seem terrifying! I'm glad you all came out on top. Debris is nothing compared to some stories you here. Yay for you!!


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